Say Cheese!  Be Happy !

Slim Book

Dear Friends, this time- I am going to write about a book which is related to ‘one minute’. The title of the book is “Who Moved My Cheese”. The most attractive aspect of this book is; it is very slim. It has only 93 pages. It is a popular book, and I found that, It is translated in to 37 languages and sold 26 million copies.

What is the Cheese?

You may wonder what the term ‘cheese’ means, in the above context? I found the answer from the book itself. That is “ a goal like better relationship, money, a home, freedom, health, recognition, spiritual peace, or even an activity like jogging or golf.” We may presume that, it may include the desire to score high marks or obtaining a particular college seat.

The Cheese in my own life

It is pertinent to mention here about a personal experience of keeping the fort of mind during the turbulence of four years of my Civil Services Exams preparations. Please come; let us walk four years of maze, in which I changed optional subject of exam once.
In the first attempt, I cleared the preliminary Exam in 1999 (The UPSC- IAS – Exam has three significant stages in two parts.  Preliminary, Mains Written and -Mains Personality Test).  But, in that attempt, I could not appear in the Mains Exams due to the non-receipt of academic study, completion certificate. I missed it by a thin margin of one week time for the formal declaration of results. 
Next year I lost preliminary.
In the third unforgettable, attempt I crossed the full round of three stages and returned with failure.   
Now, from the hindsight, I could say about all these changes that, these challenges only prepared me for my success in 2002 Exam and joining in IAS in 2003.
My cheese…. was found… after persistent  four years of search.

Author’s Story and Popularity of the Book:-

We all work with an aim in the mind. We all put up lots and lots of efforts and energy. In the process we see troubles and difficulties. How to adapt to the stumbling blocks we may perceive and how to use them or manoeuvre across difficulties or changes we face?
This is figuratively discussed in this book as a story narration inside another story. It is a story inside a story. The important characters we meet in this story are two mice and two little people.
This book was written by Spencer Johnson and Kenneth Blanchard. Recently on 3.7.2017 Mr. Spencer Johnson passed away.  He is the co-author of ‘one minute’ series of books like One Minute Manager, One Minute Father, One Minute Mother, One Minute for Yourself, One Minute Teacher, One Minute Sales Person…. Now, you could re-read the first line of our article which says one minute… and yes… we came across an one minute writer’s book… Hope we all find that one minute… in which we convince our mind to adapt for the change!

Cheese! The Conclusion – Seize it!

Everyone comes across changes and turning points in life. I found this book in Veterinary College and Research Institute VCRI (Namakkal) Library in fourth year of my graduation (1998).  I could not tell that this book has been 100% absorbed and understood in the first reading itself.  Basically, we may say that, this also is a reason for the life being shaped like this. 
Hope we all will continue our motivation to give 100% even when the situation and circumstances keep changing.
I wish you all find your cheese and that one minute….