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Saba Nayagan Movie Review Tamil

Saba Nayagan Story Saba Nayagan is a Tamil romantic Comedy entertainer movie directed by C.s. Karthikeyan. The movie casts Ashok Selvan, Karthika Muraleedharan, Chandini Chowdary, and Megha Aakash in the main lead roles along with Sherlin Seth, Viviya Santh, Arun Kumar, Jaiseelan Sivaram, Sriram Krish and many others have seen in supporting roles. The music was composed by Leon James while the cinematography was done by Balasubramanian, Dinesh Purushothaman, and Prabhu Rhagav and it was edited by Ganesh Siva. The film is produced by Aravind Jayabalan, Iyyappan Gnanavel, and Captain Megavanan Isaivanan under Clear Water Films Inc, I Cinema, and Captain Mega Entertainment banner. Story Sub-Inspector Vishnu along with his constables makes an arrest charging our protagonist Saba on a drunken & public nuisance case. They arrest one more guy based on the same charges but later they let him go since they find out that the guy was heartbroken due to his love failure. Seeing the policemen are so sympathetic to heartbroken people, Saba tries to push his luck as he believes he has had quite a few heartbreaks to melt even the toughest of the cops. Saba narrates four different stories that happened in different phases of his life, Sub-Inspector Vishnu kind of relates to Saba & opens up to him about his love life & its crisis & further thanks him for giving him the much-needed clarity. Vishnu proceeds with his decision but what happens next is the twist to the entire plot which makes Saba a true Hero. Release Date Saba Nayagan movie is all set to release in theaters on December 22nd, 2023.